Massy Stores launches a New Self-Checkout Service at Brentwood<\/p>","headline":"

In an effort to offer customers more control, convenience and a speedier checkout option, Massy Stores has launched a new self-checkout service at its Brentwood…<\/p>\n","excerpt":"

In an effort to offer customers more control, convenience and a speedier checkout option, Massy Stores has launched a new self-checkout service at its Brentwood location which is designed to enhance the customer shopping experience.\u00a0 Self-checkout lanes are also currently operational at the Trincity location and will be fully operational by December 1st<\/sup> at the Westmoorings location.<\/p>\n

Speaking at the launch where several customers were treated to a lively in-store experience, Roxane de Freitas, CEO, Massy Stores said the new self-checkout units are synced with point-of-sale units and offer a more seamless experience than the previous model. She stated, \u201cIt also takes up less space in the store and is easier to manage by our support team. Customers are assured that the experience is secure as there will be surveillance cameras reviewing every aspect of the transaction, and there is an assigned attendant consistently monitoring the system.\u201d<\/p>\n

Ms. De Freitas continued, \u201cBrentwood, as one of our newest locations was built with this feature in mind, and while it is a largely self-managed service, attendants will also be available to support customers if required. They will assist customers with taking them through the process or answering any questions they may have.\u201d<\/p>\n

She explained the new self-checkout technology was the result of a pilot programme implemented in Gulf View four years ago where customers responded favourably, \u201cGulf View was our pilot and as with anything you learn the challenges and so we have taken the learnings from Gulf View, and we\u2019ve also waited to get the latest technology, equipment, software and machinery. These new machines have cameras all around which we have chosen to invest in. With the impact of COVID-19 a lot of the equipment installation was held back so we have just received them, and we are in the process of rolling out.\u201d<\/p>\n

\u201cWe\u2019ve put in the new self-checkouts in Trincity Super Centre Store and by December 1st<\/sup> we will have the new machines in Westmoorings, and in the new year we will continue rolling out to our other stores. We decided to extend the experience so customers can better manage their in-store experience, as it will allow customers to come through faster, so basically what we have added is additional options for the customer to be able to manage their transactions and get in and get out faster.\u201d<\/p>\n

For those customers who are hesitant about using the new self-checkouts, Ms. De Freitas said its time to embrace the technology, \u201cWe all got used to using our mobile phones, ATMs and mobile banking so this is another step in that direction, and it allows you to control that transaction and you can also scan your Massy Card so you can get your points. It\u2019s a fully integrated system.\u201d<\/p>\n

She confirmed that the Massy Stores in Guyana, St. Lucia and Barbados will also be outfitted with the new self-checkout service in the coming year.<\/p>\n

During today\u2019s launch at Brentwood, DJs Ana and Simmo provided entertainment and customers were treated to store giveaways.<\/p>\n","image":"http:\/\/massystorestt.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Photo_21-2.jpg","link":"https:\/\/massystorestt.com\/massy-stores-launches-a-new-self-checkout-service-at-brentwood\/"},{"title":"

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